Saturday, February 28, 2009

Inspiring Teachers to Use ICT

As you know, Room 19, I am presenting to teachers about the possibilities of using ICT in the classroom.

I would like to give all of you the opportunity to contribute - the question I need answered is -

What is the most exciting thing about using ICT in the classroom and if you were convincing teachers that using ICT is a great thing - what would you tell them?


  1. ict in the classroom makes learning a whole lot easier,Because you can use it in many different ways.Such as,the online dictionary,calculator and a whole lot of other gadgets.It helps the teachers with tasks during the class so that they dont have to plan as much work.The teachers can give the students tasks on the internet while they get other tasks ready for the next session.


  2. Its really cool having ICT in the class room especially having laptops cause its more convenient having them right there when you need them rather than having to go to an ICT suite, its also cool considering its another tool we can use to find better quality and more accurate information if you use the tool correctly!


  3. heey...
    I think it is good to have ICT in the classroom because it teachers you that there is different ways to communticate and teacheers you different skills to remember for the future...
    It is kewl because you can have a fun and interesting way of learning so it make skewl fun!!!!

  4. i would tell them that it will make homework and school work beter because u can ask the theacher about home work when u r at home

  5. i think it is a great idea because not many kids know about ICT so its great for children to learn about ICT.


  6. I think being in a ICT class is good cause
    you can learn lots of new tools an lots of good websites

  7. The most exiting thing about ICT in the classroom is the fact that we can interact with people from all over the world. It offers many ways of interaction between teachers, students, parents and family.I find the most exciting thing is that ICT is becoming more and more popular and soon enough it will be available to a wider range of people.

    -SARAH *